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How well do you know your home town? Answer the following questions, and win a gift certificate from an advertiser on our site. Fill out the questions with your name and address. If you are a winner we will contact you.

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1. What is the name of the President who was from Cincinnati?
2. What long running soap opera showed the Cincinnati Skyline?
3. What is the name of the popular "boy" band who was discovered here in Cincinnati?
4. Who was the first Reds manager and in what year?
5. What year was Proctor & Gamble started and what was there first names?
6. How many parks are there in Cincinnati?
7. What year was Cincinnati founded and by whom?
8. What year did Cincinnati become incorporated as a city?
9. Who was the first mayor of Cincinnati?
10. What is the "name" of the statue located in fountain square?
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